Anita Ho

"When I was small, nature made me wondered;
the myth of the universe behind of the unknown."


Multiple luminous layers of paint are my method to create depth and character into a composition.

Life is art. We are a living art form. I have been drawing flowers and writing calligraphy since I was a child. I admire my father's handwriting and water color paintings, and my grandfather's calligraphy as well. I was captivated by their talent and it developed who I am and what I can do today in art.

Painting is my passion. It relates to art and life. My medium is working with acrylics, oils, and other substances. I try to capture the sensations of texture, forms, and lines to produce unique structure in art. I love to work with a variety of tools. Mixing and pushing color into color to achieve the rich colors that I desire. Multiple luminous layers of paint are my method to create depth and character into a composition. My fashion designing in the past has strengthened my composition skills, perception, and use of color to develop these ultimate works of art. I enjoy challenge using an array of different subjects, ideas, objects and obsessions about exploring the beauty of all subject matter from my everyday life.

Over the years, I have been taking photos of the clouds during days and nights. Every movement changes dramatically. It fascinates and inspires me for my new painting ideas.

It is quite interesting that these photos simply guide me to a different momentum for my new paintings and my new point of view about my whole new world.

The beauty of a painting can only be seen through the viewer's eyes. Combination of the technical skills and unique means of expression from the artist allow the viewers to interpret my painting, making it much easier to understand the art form of the artist's imagination.

Abstract art is a visual language; a language has no speech.


Within the nature; I recall.


As an artist, there is beauty in both painting nature and imagining abstraction. I allow myself to capture my visual sensations with spontaneous response to see vibrant color and the beauty in the nature that surrounds me. And in looking at my painting, adherence to a certain style doesn't keep me from exploring new subjects and ideas. Be able to transfer an image onto canvas is my own motivation and inspiration in the world of art.

Some of my greatest influences have inspired me with the beauty of their works from impressionist masters, such as Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, and Paul Cezanne. From these masters' techniques and perfect imaginations with the play of light, I create my own art and handle my artwork with sensitivity and technical mastery.

Life is art. I keep on painting and mixing colors in my life to extend my technical skills for achieving an artist's dream.

I paint with my universe.


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